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 WEBifi Community Platform provides a Channel or the Site Owner with the ability to generate income in the following suggested income streams:

Income Stream Income to Site Owner System Cost
Google Adsense

Channel or Site owners can join the Google Adsense program and display Google Adsense advertisements on the Public Section of the website and earl an income from Google.
Commission from Google No cost

Business Listings

Each site is equipped with a Business Directory (name can be changed to site reverence eg, Members Directory, Sponsors Directory etc).  Business listings can be displayed as either FREE or PAID profiles

Membership fee for FREE or PAID Members Fixed cost for PAID Members

Channel Sponsors (and site banners)

PAID Members can be listed as Corporate Members and get a Logo with link to website on front page, company logo on every page header and footer, newsletter footer and every footer of mails from website.  In addition two banners are available in the left navigation bar and within the content of the site.  Banners displays & clicks are tracked to proof marketing exposure.

Membership fee for Channel Sponsors No cost


PAID Members can list a promotion(s) in the Channel. Promotions can be included in newsletters.

Membership fee for Promotions No cost

Content Sponsors

PAID Members can sponsor Article, New, Event, Project related information to be displayed on the site. 

Once off or monthly Content Sponsors No cost

Newsletter Sponsors  (this can be combined with promotion costs) 

Periodic (weekly / monthly) newsletters sponsors. 

Sponsorship per newsletter or monthly sponsor No cost

Online Booking for Events

Communities can run events and receive online payments with Payfast

Events Fees No cost,
See Payfast Fees

Membership fees & renewals, donations, invoicing

Communities can generate membership & renewal invoicing, invoicing for services provided & accept donations with online payments from Payfast or by direct deposit to bank account.

Invoices No cost,
See Payfast Fees

Commission from Online Enquiries

Ecommerce & Automotive websites done by FAQ have the ability to load stock that will be displayed in the "Network Promotions" Section of community websites.  Enquiries made from community sites go into a lead management system and will earn the community site commission for sales.

Fixed amount or % commission per sale No cost

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